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The Creative

Marciano is the creative behind Senman Creations, he is a self-taught artist specialising in large scale murals, street art, design, and canvas. Marciano grew up in Amsterdam, fine-tuning his skills through years of practicing assorted styles and mediums. Drawing from an incredibly early age, he was interested in creating characters and letters inspired by comic illustrations. His curiosity about various art forms led him to discover the world of street art in Amsterdam.

Experimenting with aerosol paint around 15 years ago, he quickly discovered this was his preferred medium, enjoying the challenge of creating finer detail with a spray can and the quick paced it allowed Marciano to work. Marciano’s artistic style explores realism and 3D art exploring depth, light, and shadowing. He has exceptional skills in creating designs on the iPad then transferring the detail and realism onto the wall.

Business Manager

Bonnie is the business manager of Senman Creations, the behind-the-scenes woman running all things admin/ marketing/ customer service. She is highly organised and thrives on meeting client needs and expectations. Bonnie has always loved street art and enjoys bringing colour and joy to our communities.

Together, Marciano and Bonnie bring you Senman Creations, a family run business, that can offer you murals (small or extra-large scale), digital design, canvas art, personalised items and more.