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Business Info

  • ABN- 29 461 377 127, Sole Trader- Marciano Arents
  • Registered business name – Senman Creations
  • Public Liability Insurance, Registered for GST
  • Current working at heights certification

Terms and Conditions

Price Guide

  • Senman Creations charges $200 per square metre. Our artistic style is realistic, detailed, and high quality. Depending on the size we can offer a 10% discount on our rate. Hire of a scissor lift or scaffolding will be an additional cost.
  • Protective Coat – Senman Creations offers a protective coating to reduce fading, this is an additional cost of $20 per square metre.
  • Anti-graffitiing – Senman Creations can apply an Anti-graffitiing coating for an additional $30 per square metre.

Design Payment

  • Senman Creations will provide an estimated price within the initial quote that covers the time and costs involved with creating the design (usually $200-$500 design fee).
  • Included in this fee is 2-3 alterations to design, any further changes will be charged at rate $40 per hour. Any extra alterations to design will be added onto final invoice and this amount will need to be approved by client before design changes are made.

Secure Booking

  • 20% of the total design/mural cost Is required 14 days (about 2 weeks) before any painting of mural begins (or a negotiated deposit, no less than $500).

The Final Payment

  • Balance will be invoiced upon completion of the job. Under no circumstances will Senman Creations commence work on any project without receipt of payment of the initial invoice and receipt of a signed job confirmation.


  • A timeframe for design work will be discussed by Senman Creations and the client. Please ensure that these deadlines are realistic.
  • Any delay on initial payments and therefore commencement of work on this project is the responsibility of the client


  • Should any reason arise to cancel the contract, Senman Creations will review the hours worked thus far. It will then be the client’s responsibility to pay for the work completed to date.

Intellectual Property

  • Ownership of any intellectual property remains the property of Senman Creations. This can be purchased on request. Should IP be purchased, the rate is 50% of the total design fee unless otherwise negotiated.
  • If Intellectual Property is transferred to client ownership, it is only the final signed off work that is owned by the client. All unused concept developments and ideas remain the property of Senman Creations. Senman Creations is not responsible for the Intellectual Property fees of third-party providers.

Booking Mural

  • Confirmation of a painting date will only be arranged once design has been completed and approved by client.
  • Mural will only commence with weather permitting, Senman Creations will work around the weather and will not charge any extra for time spent on mural.